Data is the next “Intel Inside”?

In recent years, people have realised that data is becoming powerful and influential day by day. But, is data the next “Intel Inside”? This answer may be “yes”. It has been proven that information which is generated by users is the real value of society. Therefore, encouraging users to participate is a very significant event for Web 2.0. The more participators who join and contribute resources to the system, the better the information and data will be.

Data structure has become essential and important for the operation of a website or network application services, therefore, all organisation strive for a faster and larger data system. For this reason, obtain data are now one of the most perform activity among organisations.



I believe there is a time for all people when you wanted to find information for a specific movie or television show. I bet, the first thing most people would do is to open a web browser and go to, an internet database built just for movies. contains information for nearly every movie created by human no matter what era, country or culture the movie is from. Movie news and information provided by is extremely up to date and accurate. The website provides several functions to enable users to generate information for the database of the website. The information on the website is sharpened and filtered by users. This enables the website to gather vast amounts of data into the database and creates more value and opportunity for the system. These functions include user generated movie information and reviews, movie rating system and user generated movie ranking list. Some questions are asked about the success of because many other websites have also used the strategy of user generated data but result in failure. One of the main reasons of failure is because of website might end up with wide amounts of junks generated users which diminish all value of the website. To counter this issue, makes sure the information generated is reviewed by professional movie critics to ensure the accuracy of the database. is a great example of a web2.0 system which has the pattern; Data is the next “Intel Inside”. This is because the website itself is base on a large database and its operation is mainly to gather and provide information. The more data has the more valuable it is. Never visit Just visit and enjoy it! (2012). Retrieved from

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