Harnessing the Collective Intelligence, Benefits and Risks

The core purposes of Web 2.0 application are interaction, collaboration and relation. For this reason, Web 2.0 technologies have established eight patterns to fulfil the requirements. The pattern which is discussed this week is “Harnessing the Collective Intelligence (HCI)”.

HCI has the ability to benefit Web 2.0 application in several aspects such as adding valuable information to the content to expand the knowledge base of a website or any information output application. HCI can also create opportunity for a Web 2.0 application to explore different purpose of the system and therefore create from usage and success opportunity. However, all benefits have another side to it. For example, HCI can use as a platform for illegal purpose such as pirating. Also using HCI can increase the chance of output irrelevant resource which creates the risk of losing the value of the system. (http://www.kintek.com.au/web-design-brisbane/harnessing-collective-intelligence-getting-other-people-to-make-your-site-great/)

There are a few rules provided by “Kintek.com.au” that should be taking into account when setting up a website with the pattern of HCI. These rules include:

–           Not forcing users to sign up to gain access to content of the website.

–          Make the process of collecting information with adequate procedures to ensure that users will obtain their needs from the site without frustrating from the process.

–          The sign up process should be made with easy steps that are aimed to gather relevant information only.

–          Respect and be polite to the users to ensure users can use the website under a comfortable status. However, maintain the authority and control over the website to ensure the content is clean and relevant. (http://www.kintek.com.au/web-design-brisbane/harnessing-collective-intelligence-getting-other-people-to-make-your-site-great/)

An example of a successful web 2.0 application is the Yahoo! Auctions (Taiwan). Yahoo! Auctions (Taiwan) is now the most popular and the largest auction website in Taiwan with over 800 millions of users. The funny thing is that Yahoo! Auctions in many other regions has been a total failure. One of the main reasons of its success in Taiwan is because of the functions which allow users to customise their own store website with their own designs to fit their business. Yahoo! Auctions (Taiwan) has also successfully developed a HCI program that magnify it value by a great number. Another main reason that Yahoo! Auctions (Taiwan) is so successful in Taiwan is that Yahoo! Taiwan bought another website called Kimo.com in 2001 and integrated itself with Kimo.com. This enables Yahoo! TW to obtain the user base and HCI functions of Kimo.com to increase its business opportunities.  (http://mr6.cc/?p=406)